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Dave Martin

I didn't realize at the time that you two were such newlyweds when you guys came to Calvary. 'course I was just a dumb sophomore in HS at the time.

You both are special people to me, even though time and distance has kept us apart, and my lack of communication.

Deb and I celebrate 40 in December. I can't believe it either. We're doing 40 different things, throughout this year to "tick off" the years. Anything from going to the movies, to a small dinner at a favorite place, to enjoying an evening with friends, or a drive to a favorite spot. Also a week at Hume Lake in July.(Summer staff, circa 1973)

Congratulations to you and Judy on nearing a huge milestone. What a great example you have been to thousands of couples you have rubbed shoulders with all these many years. You both cross my mind, more than you know, because of your influence so many years ago as my High School and College Youth Pastor. Very fond memories.

Love you both,
Dave (and Debbie) Martin

PS Give Judy a big hug for us.

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