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Oh Wes- The first year I could vote,this dyed in the wool independent registered Democratic, just so I could vote against Senator Kennedy in the Democratic primary. I have been shocked at the tears that came with the news of his death. His life, to me, has a very sweet aroma of redemption and caring for the least of us. As a 19 year old I knew, who is struggling with his own demons said "I'd like to think I am the kind of guy that would never leave a girl in a car, but really unless I've been there how would I know?" His words shamed me, and I have been pondering when did compassion and mercy become such dirty words in my young life? I am grateful for Senator Kennedy's setting his face like flint, despite the hubris of his flaws, and continuing to serve our country. We are better for it.

I am thinking about going to DC for the health care march on September 13th. It is an issue I care deeply about, and it feels right to honor his life's work in that way.

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