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Don Byers

From a friend's blog...

11:58 AM I am strangely touched by the death of Ted Kennedy. Perhaps it was his cancer. Perhaps it was his singleness of heart, his passion for the causes he believed in, his ability to work with his opponents to pass legislation.

In my own life I must be very sure that I have passion. I must make sure that Christ is supreme. Any overemphasis will make me temporarily off balance, so I must constantly go back to the person of Christ.

I must also be intentional about working with others -- especially those with whom I disagree on minor matters -- in working for the kingdom. If Mr. Kennedy could walk across the aisle to pass a Medicaid bill, how much more should I be willing to work with my fellow believers for the sake of the Gospel?

Jim Elliott once said, "Wherever you are, be ALL there, and live to the hilt whatever you are convinced is the will of God for your life."

In one sense, I think that Senator Kennedy had a similar passion. When the "lion of the senate" roared, people hopped to. The further I travel on the pathway to glory, the more glorious it becomes, because I am given to understand that every glad surrender of self to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah is merely a step toward an existence with Him eternally.

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