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I love St John of the Cross, am curerntly researching a paper on his and St Teresa'a 'dark night of the soul' stuff. And The Spiritual Life is one of my favs. But, I have to say right now my favorite saying is "if you're not angry, you're not paying attention." I think it is time to get beyond labeling emotions as spiritual or not, and realize we can stay centered and still get angry.

Michael Lee Stallard

Wes and David,

This is just what I needed to hear. Thank you.


Scott Dewey

Great words for THIS stage of my journey, Wes. Thanks.

Skeptical only of the part about saints "never like that." Saints I have known, of the uncanonized variety, are sometimes like all manner of ugly things while moving toward the beauty Underhill refers to.

Jim Sawyer

Tranquility, Gentleness, Strength. . . how far removed from where most of us live in the Tyranny of the Urgent! Thanks, Wes, for the reminder that the important must take priority over the urgent.

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