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Roger Saner

Crazy, isn't it? I think that missiologist's take on what's happening with the Christendom-mode church is spot on - and nice to come from an older (therefore more believable?) source too.

John Coulombe

Wes--Sam's a good friend of mine as well...and you're right, his colleague said it well, though very disturbing! As we used to say in the 60's, "may God wrinkle our 'sta-press' minds...and hearts" and strategies when it comes to making a world of difference.
John Coulombe

Jore Lund

I heard you on the radio yesterday and went to your blog. Quite eclectic. You must be one of those wacky, anything-goes sort of anti-establishment christians. Don't you know that if you encourage people to ask questions and think, they might end up getting God all confused?!! Stick to the formula. The only way Christians are made is by using the recipe. Don't deviate from the plan or your gingerbread might end up tasting like gingersnaps and we all know that God never intended us to eat gingersnaps.

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