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Glen Peterson

These are hugely important questions in my mind. It would be great to weigh in with more time and energy today, but I won't. Nice to see Rick Yorgey's name on a comment on the previous post. One group of folks where this conversation is intentional is Christian Community Development Association. Their annual conference this year is in Indianapolis, November 16-20 (I think). I have worked in and along side ministries in urban areas where cultural heritage and economics have been central issues for 20 years or more. Another blog that hits on this topic somewhat routinely is that of Rudy Carrasco,

Keep up the good conversation.


I'm with you. Being white and my wife being black, we have a stake in this. After entering the 'conversation' I noticed the deficiency.

Have you read Scot McNight's serious on this over at It's under the Embracing Grace category there. Good stuff.



Wes, I can't make the formal announcement here, but I can say that Emergent as an organization is planning an event that specifically deals with racial and ethnic diversity. As you know, I have been working in this area for the past three years, having offered opportunities for conversation at the past two EC's in Nashville. This conversation has been way too slow, but I am hopeful that folks like Susie, Rich Johnson, Anthony, and others are pushing it forward with greater speed.

The issue of age diversity has been less prominent, and needs to increase. Certainly, there are several older adults in my congregation that I would characterize as emergent, and young adults who are entrenched in modernity. What would be the five key issues you would identify on this issue?

Scott Dewey

I would second the recommendation for CCDA (Christian Community Development Association). Annual conference in late fall draws 1-2k people seeking much of what you're after, Wes, if I read you right. It grew out of the vision of John Perkins, an African-American civil rights activist (evangelical in theology) who's now kind of the grand old man of the movement. Now incorporating many other streams of the body of Christ, including what might be a smattering of the emergent stream (along with traditional black gospel churches, latino churches, youth ministries, evangelical suburban churches serving the poor, social activists, etc).

Our Mile High Ministries staff in Denver usually attends but no bucks for travel this year, so we'll miss Indy next month. Check it out if you can though... I'd love to see emergent folks engage with this crowd, and be a little part of the mix myself.


Done lots of thinking about the age stuff - and no not heaps of discussion happens in the general emerging church world. In fact - I've just written a paper on it.
AND this year I've been living with a Sri Lankan friend who is very conscious of racial issues.

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