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brilliant! where did you get it?


I see Anne Lamott quite often for we live in the same community and, for awhile, attended the same church. She is a real gem and I am always amazed how the church likes her so much. She's only be honest and therefore, real.


singing, "amen, amen, amen, amen, amen."


Dang, slowing down is tough to do. I got it in buckets when our church added a 30 minute fellowship time and I felt really odd having so much time. I'm learning to slow down, but it's tough.


is that NO! or just No. wes? just playin, but i guess it could make a difference. &:~D

susie albert miller

no, as a complete sentence...i love it;) we live in a world that expects and demands explanations when we say no...imagine if just said "no" and left the awkward silence unaddressed...
thanks wes;)


You know this is deep because I feel called to be a minister, but I can not yet my aunt sent me Ann Lamott's most recent book and I live in the same county as her!

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