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Herb Shaffer

Some words are like expense perfume worn by a good friend... they linger long after a hug, bringing wistful thoughts

Some words are worthless litter, distracting and de-beautifying

Some words are like the thrill of finding unexpected money in the laundry

Larry Wilson

Some words are street lamps that pierce the fog in the dead of night.

Hey, as fellow Oregonian, greetings! And thanks for the exposure of Newport ... awesome place.

scott nutter

Some words are like looking into the eyes of a lover...enchanting

Some words hang in your consciousness like a cobweb that you can not ever remove

Some words will never...never...never be forgotten

Connie Knighton

Did that trip the other way round. Got lost on a detour through the mountains to avoid a wash out.
Some words are like oysters.
Some trips are like pearls.

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