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susie albert miller

i just began this book...there are riches to be mined on every page, so i am reading it slowly and deliberately...quieting the rapid and voracious reader within, so as not to miss a bit of wisdom and insight!


I love this.


Going back through my story in some of the work I am doing, I have been thinking of community a lot. What Parker Palmer writes here is true - in true community the need for those who can partner in those ways is huge. The relational culture does not always seem safe.....the tending is constant, as is the need for each to take responsibility for their own journey, their own woundedness and wounding......Yet, within that process, true freedom and true safety dwell. The community in which I was raised fell apart when there was wounding and noone knew how to stay in the mess and walk out the other side to trust and an open heart. The rules became more important, as an attempt to find safety, than the people's hearts. And missing God became the reason for the devastation, which put the onus on the people, rather than the devastation being an opportunity to grow closer to God and each other and an acceptance of the brokenness of the world. At least, as an adult looking back, that is how i see it now.


Wonderful thoughts that add to some current percolations.
And I leant my book, Hidden Wholeness, before I had a chance to read it and I believe they have decided to keep it! Another will be ordered soon.

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