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I will be in 4 airports between tomorrow and Friday noon. This is an exercise in which I often participate: Watch people, find someone smiling and looks open to conversation, smile back and start a conversation and see what the ride is like. Once I met a 20 something guy from Spain with a backpack. He was looking to meet someone who could explain why someone other than an oil baron would vote for W. He said that would be the same as when he went out of his way to meet some Basque of his own country to find out first hand why they were murderous rebels. And then there was the guy who, upon noticing that I was reading a “Christian” book, stated he used to be a Christian but now he is gay. And then a Danish business person at the table next to me at the Chili’s at ORD asking why we both got “carded” when we ordered Sam Adamses (he well into his 30s me almost 50)—that conversation lasted at least an hour.

Airports can be interesting fun places when you take the time to look up and see who’s there with you.


Fascinating places indeed. And it fascinates me how few people, even one's you know will look into your eyes.

I remember waiting and watching and seeing a family eagerly find their party come off the plane. The woman arriving in was blind and had her guide dog. The family greeted the dog with hugs and touch and they barely spoke to the blind woman and never touched her. It was incredibly painful to watch and feel her isolation.

susie albert miller

hmmm...the eyes, the eyes, they give it all away... we don't look people in their eyes, or hold the glance for very long and yet it is there that so much is revealed. i often wonder what people saw when they looked in Jesus' eyes...i hope they see glimpes of it in mine.
i must confess, though, i am a book reader in the airport...i do meet eyes and smile when i a walking to and from the plane, but for the most part i am buried in a book, because they are rare, quiet, unscheduled moments!

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