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Yet, we see those in our world wield their spiritual authority like a weapon to plunder with. May God chuck them from their thrones. Thank you Rabbi Nouwen. And thank you Wes. Compassionate authority!


ah keeping the watch night hours again, eh?

hopefully you're getting some rest and recuperation at other times?? i was recommended 'melatonin' - and 1 mg 20 minutes before sleep has helped a lot in restoring my sleep patterns.

i too loved this thread on the daily meditations - i think that authority is something that needs to be re-defined in the church. palmer's definition is head and shoulders above any i've ever read (AHW pg. 76-77)

"The authority such a leader needs is not the same as power. Power comes to anyone who controls the tools of coercion, which range from grades to guns. But authority comes only to those who are granted it by others. And what leads us to grand someone authority? The word itself contains a clue: we grant authority to people we perceive as "authoring" their own words and actions, people who do not speak from a script or behave in preprogrammed ways.

In other words, we grant authority to people we perceive as living undivided lives."

what stephanie sent out, and the thread from nouwen are weaving together to a post on this soon! :)

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