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I couldn't agree more. A profound, moving and inspiring 2 hours. I want a copy of that book. Actually I want a whole bunch of copies. I've been searching with no luck. I can't imagine I'm the only one, so anyone with a lead, please email me.


amen! i set this one aside so that i could have the time to read it fully - and i too am raising my hands and going forward with you every sunday night.

i blogged last fall a post called 'the kingdom of god is on abc' and people thought i was insane - we serve a lavish god, full of embarrassing grace - i think EHM 'gets it' like no one has gotten it in a long time.

i really think this is changing the hearts of the 'church leadership team' are being 'extremely made over' too through this.

sue - i'm sure one of the disney publishers will get ahold of that book and publish it, it's just not been done yet.


oh what the world would be like if we, who profess to be indwelt by Love, really lived with "loves comes first, as the greatest commandment...thank you for the humble reminder!
and the challenge to "go and do likewise..."


She is a great kid and a true glory to God. My husband, four children and I were touched by her example on Extreme Home Makeover and again on her interview with Ellen Degeneres. I was just googling to find her website to purchase beads for my children when I found your post. Isn't our God a great God. I am so happy for Kassandra and her choice to let him use her in such a way. God bless.


Is Ty Penn. a pastor? I was very touched by the show too. Thanks for sharing about the story :)


I am very interested in buying a copy of that book do you know where I can get one?

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