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starting the blog now, may need a couple days to germinate, but i'll let you know when it's posted. thanks for the challenge!


okay, i lied, it poured out quickly onto the screen. i've published it on my blog. thanks again for the challenge! looking forward to the dialog this creates!

Vaughn Thompson

Hey Wes-
I can imagine that the word "revolution" would certainly have a particular resonance for anyone who has lived in a context of oppression and injustice as it sounds like Tom has being in South Africa. Keep up the good work.

BTW, today is Stefen's b-day (5). What a blessing - that booger!


In my context 'revolution' begs the question, when am I acting with wisdom and when I am acting with cowardice? There are many areas and moods I would like to see change, but I also am in the context of a pastor with 28 years in the pulpit. Much has been accomplished for the sake of the gospel over that time and it is important for me to respect the fact that he has been seeking God over those three decades.
Given that, there is still much I would like to see change to aid myself and others in having a deeper, more authentic relationship with God.
If I choose to 'unload' all of what I see at one time I most likely will be put out on my ear. If I stay and seek to live out what I hope to implement in this context, which can be very frustrating, even painful, at times, I can gradually effect change in the lives and hearts and others which will gradually lead to changes that I believe will further the kingdom.
The gradual part leaves me at times feeling like a coward. Sometimes I hear, 'Why don't you just start kickin' some butt and gettin' it done?' Sometimes, my honesty touches on another's shame and it is poured back in my direction. Sometimes I can duck it sometimes not. I pull back, not risking for a while.
It is rewarding and I feel God's touch when an idea I had three years earlier begins to become reality. My pertinacity may be worth something after all. There is a sense of mystery in the subtle change. I look slowly behind my shoulders and over my head to see if He is there. But He isn't. He is going ahead of me and I am gradually realizing it.

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