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Tom Smith


I'm tracking with your heart my friend,
check this post out (see the title and everything :)


I love this word. I actually preached a sermon at Crossroads where I argued that if we must use descriptive adjectives for our church, "revolutionary" would be my choice. But unfortunately, too many of us only hear the forceful, violent, and negative connotation of that word that conjurs up images of war. I wonder why. I tend to gravitate more to its other primary definition of revolving around a center, like the earth around the sun, a crankshaft in a car (RPM's) or, better yet, a Christ follower around Jesus Christ. I believe that Christ is moving in history and that if we are truly revolutionary we will revolve around him on this journey. To get stuck in one moment of time as if the best is not yet to come is problematic for me. It is when we get stuck in a moment that we can't get out of that the other, more violent use of the word rears it's ugly head to try and get things moving again. I'm all for the revolution but I prefer the non-violent kind of orbiting around Christ as He continues to redeem history.

I can't wait to hear the rest.


'we've got stuck with the tame version' i can't agree more. the fact that we spend more time fighting each other than fending off persecution says volumes to me about the weak type of christianity our churches are living out.

remember, he's not a tame lion! we thought a decade ago that we were radical and revolutionary didn't we? i can remember that being a theme for our teen camp, and there are so many christian pop songs that sing of 'revolution' but we just want to rock the old folks in the church, shake things up a bit there - not rock the world.

we just want to make the status quo a bit more fun for us, and less like the church of our fathers. we aren't venturing into the community and being earth movers. that's why things like the power grab at your friend's church is happening, they're bored and start to eat and persecute each other, instead of taking that energy and pushing it out into the world to do anything other than moralize it.

this should probably be a blog post on my own blog, so i'll ponder it more and post about it there. these 5 words are powerful ones wes, i'm looking forward to hearing more. thank you!


"I believe that Christ is moving in history and that if we are truly revolutionary we will revolve around him on this journey." Love that description!


My comment ended up being very long. So, I'm posting it on my blog and emailing it to you. Thanks for this challenge Wes, it is proving to be a very good thing!


Wes, my friend... we're tracking. My word this morning was "radical"!

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