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Sarah K

Papa, thanks for the necessary nudging. It's very easy to forget that this is part of our worship to the almighty God - to be good stewards of what He has so abundantly blessed us with and to make sure we are around and fit to go, when He tells us to go.

Thank you again.

Michael Edwards

Thanks, Wes! Excellent! Personally, I find that I need the motivation of others to keep me moving. Several of the guys here at the office work out at lunch at the Englewood Rec Center. It's fun and I tend to push myself more. Of course, I also greatly enjoy walking, especially on these beautiful sunny Colorado days!

Bob Howe

I ought to move more too, but more to the point, being more mindful than I am of the need to do so. I must not allow myself to use the start of the sticky season here in Sydney to stay lazy. Reading about Jake Weidmann and seeing his work has motivated me a bit, as I'm interested in the same kind of stuff.

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