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Connie Knighton

Yes, it all comes back to a personal response. Some have a vote but those of us not living in the USA do not get to vote for or against policies which affect and/or offend us. So we must come to terms daily with the questions you have raised. I think I'll copy them out and blog my response. Thanks Wes...I haven't had something to put my teeth into for quite a while.

Wes Roberts

Dear Connie... do. Here in the early morning quite of my home office...which I call “the cave”...I am encouraged by your willingness to answer the questions I’ve been pondering. Most welcome will be your response. I await them eagerly. Thank you...God bless you!

...warmly in Christ,


Connie Knighton

Wes, my response is up. Let me know if I am getting 'it.' Thank you very much for this post.

Wes Roberts

Connie...for some reason I can't access your blog to leave this here goes: :)

On a very cold night here in Denver (snow...some more...amazing!) my soul is warmed by your thorough responses. You are already living well, in what all you have written, your sentence..."I want God to stir Christian imagination." Thank you for being courageous enough to share some parts of your story...and thank you for being such a stellar example of desiring to take our God at His word. God bless you as you continue on in His direction. And...please...keep writing. Your words...your life...your insight is sorely needed. Again...thank you!


Wes - A bit off topic but your quote from HK stirred my memory of a time with your godson, who just read that HK was a socialist. He was speaking a bit dismissively of her then, and I asked if he knew why she believed that way. When I explained that she realized it was her parent's wealth that enabled Annie Sullivan to teach her and break through, she was saddened/aghast that without their wealth she would have been left. I wish you could have seen his face. And I wish these three young boys/men could have more time with you. And your wife.

Wes Roberts


...gentle tears rim the eyes upon reading your post. I wish we could all have more time together, as well. Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, Oregon, in June any well as time in Morristown, New Jersey in May? :)

ronnie johnson

Great site

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